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VMC + STOKHUB + Sunday Social


Teamwork is Savings

This is a combo membership for both VMC, Sunday Social, and Stokhub. You will have access to all 3 sites saving you $$$ each month.


What’s Included?

With the VMC + Stokhub + Sunday Social combo you get everything that VMC has to offer its premium members plus Stokhub, a library of 10,000+ clips with 1000+ clips being added each month. The Sunday Social membership gives you access to more than 1500+ pre-made social media graphics along with editable templates for you customize with.


The Stokhub Difference

All of Stokhub's footage has been shot by working, active, church media professionals from across North America who have and continue to do work for Hillsong Film and Television, Bethel Music, World Vision, and countless other media outlets.

All of Stokhub's video content come in 4K resolution and even some packs in 5K, available in both Cinema Grade MP4, LUT MP4, and Watermark HD720 versions.


The Sunday Social Difference

Over 80 new graphics added each month. Social Graphics are quotes, encouraging thoughts, engaging questions, and verses of the day, there will always be something great for you to post. Story Graphics are created each month to help you use Instagram/Facebook Stories effectively, to tell your church’s story on the weekend and during the week. Announcement Slides are meant to keep those projection screens fresh each week, that’s why we also create new announcement slide packs each month.

Sunday Social by far has the best Social Media Graphics anywhere.

Sign up

Sign up on VMC creates your account on Stokhub as well. You will get two confirmation emails, one from VMC and one from Stokhub. You will need to confirm your email before being able to download any content. After sign up you will be automatically sent to Sunday Social to sign up.



TOTAL COST IS $55/Month or $660/Year

Pricing: It is $40/M or $480/Year for VMC/Stokhub Membership + $15/M or $180/Year for Sunday Social.



TOTAL COST IS $55/Month or $660/Year

Pricing: It is $40/M or $480/Year for VMC/Stokhub Membership + $15/M or $180/Year for Sunday Social.