How the get the 'Sparkle' effect

So if you have seen one of our most recent packs you would have seen the pack SPARKLE. We wanted to create something simple and beautiful but as you know we always work hard to avoid using fake particles in after effects that have been so over done and quite cheesy

This technique is so easy for you to do for your church, or video projects!

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4K is Not Important - Streets of India

People in the camera and video world sometimes can get too focused on gear, 4K, 5K, which brand, which frame rate, ProRes or MP4. Great reminder from my friend Matthew Paquette while on a missions trip in India that it is ok to not always have the biggest and best camera with you.

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How to get cinematic shot with a projector

Ok so you have all seen creative videos like ones from Hillsong where they use a projector and some fancy lines to get some really cool looking footage. However we guess you didn't know that you could get these shots all from the comfort of your living room with some basic After Effects animations. 

After watching this video we hope your inspired to make some creative video at your church using this technique.

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