Download this PDF for you and your team to find out a little more about VMC. Find out who we are, our missions statement, our values. VMC is not just a company, we are a community, a team of church first media professionals who still work for their churches and want to create content that other churches will use to proclaim the name of Jesus.


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Visual Media Church has set a new trend for worship visuals. While most worship media is made by motion graphics artists in a dark room, we have a team that has been to the most exotic and beautiful locations to bring you worship visuals that make your screens come to life. It’s time our worship experience had less particles and more of what we sing songs about. Less particles more oceans, less lines and dots and more mountains. Get instant and unlimited access for only $25/Month. No contracts. No limits. Just great visuals.

An average 1.5 million people see VMC each week, that means that more than 3000 churches are actively using at least one of our backgrounds each week. We offer the most affordable media, the highest quality video, and commitment to making worship experiences great. We believe that media in church can help pull people into worship. Since our launch the summer of 2016 we have had more than a church a day join one of our premium plans. Check out our Facebook Group.