Our primary camera is the Red Scarlet-W. Joining us in August of 2018 this camera marks a huge leap forward in what we can capture here at VMC. This camera is used to make worship backgrounds out in nature and in the studio for Abstract work.

This camera allows us to capture all our content in 4.5 K, meaning all our content is shot a larger resolution than we deliver in. This is why all our media looks so clean, sharp, and cinematic.

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Its hard to believe that this is now our ‘B’ Camera. This camera joined VMC a few month after VMC launched. After our first filming trip we realized that we needed to upgrade our quality, and this camera was the best option for price vs quality.

This camera allowed us to be the first to launch 4K content on our site, long before anyone else. Truthfully this camera allowed us to harness our goals of making cinematic content for churches.

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Ahhh our first camera. This is the camera that we shot some of our first VMC packs on, and we still love it. While we may have moved on to some bigger and better cameras the GH5 and its predicessor the GH4 will always have a special place in our heart. This camera is small and rugged, can shoot 4K, can shoot slow motion, and it still hasn’t left our camera bag.

We still use the GH5, not for worship motion graphics any more, but we use it for some time-lapses, some behind the scenes videos, and soon some of our travel and film tips videos.

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A great stills camera that is full frame, a good price, and great for capturing moments and even time-lapses.

This camera is still in our travel bag, it serves as a backup for the bigger cameras, taking some shots along the way, and doing night time photography.

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This is our workhorse in the air. This drone can fly in 60mph winds, shoots raw video and can travel up to 3 miles away to get the shot. Although this drone is rather large and needs its own large crate for travel it truly is amazing. With its 4K RAW capabilities this drone is an example of what makes VMC content stand out. Not only was VMC the first to be doing drone backgrounds for churches, but when others caught on to the idea we advanced the industry again shooting in 4K RAW. We purchased this drone because we were so inspired by the Apple TV screen savers.

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This is the newest drone to our gear. This camera is great for us when we are on long hikes where we can’t bring the larger Inspire 2. This camera is small and light it could fit into a small bag, a purse, almost anything. This camera is so versatile we have started using it to film content on the ground as a gimbal camera. Yeah, seriously, we have a special mount so that we can just walk around with this camera and film.

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We loved this drone, but has now been retired from our gear bag. Why? Not because it wasn’t good, it was really awesome, but it was too much in the middle range between our Inspire 2 and Mavic 2 Zoom. We found we left home too much because we were either doing cinematic aerials or looking to lighten our pack out on a hike.

We would still recommend this drone to anyone wanting to get cinematic aerials. Its shoots some great video and is quite easy to learn and get flying.

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