Wow! If you are on this page it means we have asked you and you are considering telling a story about yourself or your church on an upcoming VMC article! As VMC has continued to grow we are realizing that we want to know more about you and we want tell others more about the different types of people and churches using VMC. Across all of our memberships we now how over 1000 members signed up for VMC and you are an important part of that membership.

Whether you are a long time user of VMC, or someone doing something awesome with VMC products we would love to hear as much of it as possible. Please don't hold back, there are no word count limits here. Answer as many of the following questions as possible and tell us much or as little as you want. We want people to know about you and your story!

First and Last Name *
First and Last Name
Where do you live? Who is your family? Where do you go to church? Where did you grow up? Whats your faith story?
What is your title and what does that position mean in your context?
What gets you out of bed in the morning? Do you love working with technology, or people, are are you mission(s) focused?
Did you move from another position? Did you go to school? Are you self taught?
Ok so we have to ask some questions about VMC, after all this is for the VMC website and you do use VMC.
Here is where you can talk endlessly about about how great we are, ok just kidding, maybe, but seriously we want to hear what we are doing well and what others should know.
Tell us anything that you think people should know about you or your church. Tell us about what you think is coming for church media, or what you think needs to change. Feel free to talk about something that maybe we should have asked you.

We would love to have 5-10 Pictures from you, with a least 1 high quality profile picture, and some pictures from your church services (ideally with VMC in the background or on screens :))

Please email Pictures to