+ What is included in a Premium Membership?

Everything! Yes it is not a typo, and yes we know that we are almost 75% cheaper than other companies but we want to be leader in Media Resources for churches. Our premium membership comes with all the Worship Loops we have ever created, All the Stock Video we have ever created, all the Social Media Video, and all the free resources we have offered.

+ What is included in a Standard Membership?

Currently our standard membership is for those who just want worship backgrounds each month. We make the most current and previous worship packs available. As a new pack is launched the older of the two packs in the download section will disappear and no longer be available for download.

+ I signed up, where do I download the content?

Great to have you on board, go to the top of the page and click 'Members' depending on your membership you can now click one of those buttons available, they will take you to a page that contains all the media. All you have to do is click the resolution or download buttons to download directly to your computer. If you have just signed up make sure to confirm your email and account with the email that gets sent right after you sign up. If you don't see it be sure to check your junk mail folder.

+ What makes Visual Media Church different?

What makes us different is (1) we work for a church, not used to, not we don't we are business people who see an opportunity. We are currently a team of 2 people who work for a church doing creative video and service production. (2) We started VMC because we saw that all the other motion graphic church companies were really just doing the same thing as one another. So what we do is do things different, and yes there are plenty of those guys now emulating our style (waterfall, nature loops, underwater, drone backgrounds, stock video), but we are proud to be the first to do those things and we choose to lead rather than follow.