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Not every church is big

Churches come in all different sizes. At VMC, we know that some churches have a few handfuls of attendees while others serve thousands of people on a Sunday. This affects church budgets and makes extra services like VMC seemingly unreachable when funds are already stretched so thinly. We think it is so great when people step out in faith to start new churches in their communities, making room to reach those who have yet to hear the Gospel. VMC believes in giving back to help people, just like you, continue to grow the global church so we’ve created a special membership just for small churches just starting out.


Not every church has a media budget

At VMC, we’ve seen many faithful volunteers and church employees value VMC products so greatly that they are willing to pay out of their own pockets to bring great media to their church’s services. We at VMC want to be apart of helping churches grow. We have created a membership specifically for small churches that want access to VMC but cannot afford it. So, if you’re a new church, just starting out, or a church with under 250 members, we’re here to offer you a way to bring VMC to your services.


Get Premium for $10/Month

All accepted applicants will receive VMC Premium (typically a monthly reoccurring cost of $25) for only $10/month. Your church startup will not have to sign up to any contracts and can go month to month at just $10 (or $120 for a full year). How can you thank us? Simply agree to being an unofficial VMC ambassador sharing your love of our products on social media. By spreading the word of what we’re doing, we hope to bring VMC into more and more churches.



1. Be a church that has less than 250 weekly attendees

2. Agree to be an unofficial VMC Ambassador

3. Fill out and submit the application form

4. If selected, you’ll have a quick chat with someone from the VMC team



Below, you’ll find the application needed to be considered for this discounted rate. Once we’ve received your application, you’ll be hearing from someone from our VMC team (don’t worry, we’re all friendly!) and from there, we’ll see how we can help you gain access to our content. When we talk to you, we’ll be asking you to give us some simple information on your church to help us determine if this membership is for you. If selected, your church plant will be ready to use the highest quality church media anywhere!

Submit an Application

Join our Facebook group so we can easily get ahold of you for a messenger call. Complete the 3 steps to be submit the application and you will hear from us within a few hours.

Step 1, sign up to the FB group.

Step 2, fill in name and email.

Step 3, Tell us about your church!