Aerials are coming for August

We are excited about this completely new, never done before pack, Aerials. It was this past spring that I was connect group, arriving early and sitting on the couch I was amazed as I looked towards the tv. That nights host had the new apple tv and the new aerial screen savers that go with it, I was blown away by the quality and the idea of these long aerial shots that felt like they went on for ever, slowly moving in on a subject. My immediate thought was "how do I get something like this for Visual Media Church". After some initial research I learned that most of the apple videos were shot with the use of helicopters and cinema rigs the likes of which we at VMC would never have access to, but we do have a pretty good drone. With some initial testing, and the fact that we had released the Colors Extended Pack, we thought the VMC community was ready to use long (3+ minute backgrounds) for their worship services. Mostly every other background provider makes short loops, it is time for that change. Stay tuned for the pack launch!