BTS of a Live Multicam Video Shoot

I (James Alexander Adams) this past week had the opportunity to direct a multi-cam video shoot for C4 Church's first ever release of an in house written and recorded song for an upcoming album. The purpose for the shoot was to teach the song to the C4 community before it was first played at church for the first time. It was an opportunity for the community to see what the worship teams had been working on and what was coming for the next couple of Sundays.

The shoot consisted of recording the song 3 times with 3 different cameras while also recording the live audio for the mix so it didn't sound to much like a 'music video' with lip sync. In the end the final audio take that was chosen was the 3rd and final recording and was then mixed professionally by someone within the church and was used for the video. We were however able to use the footage from all 3 recordings to make the video more interesting, making sure of course to sync up the footage and do a multi-cam edit with Adobe Premiere.

Adobe Premiere Multi-cam Tutorial

For the shoot we used and Ursa Mini 4k at ISO200, with either a 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, or 80mm Rokinon Cine Lens wide open at F1.5. The b-cameras were a Canon 5d mk3 and mk2 set to ISO640, shutter 50 and again using a combo of the Rokinon Cine lenses. For the 5d's we color tuned them to be ultra flat color profiles with contrast turned down even more and saturation lowered to match the 'film' look of the Ursa Mini 4K.

In post we chose a color LUT from the Impulz pack over at color grading central and some final adjustments to make the cameras matched as best as possible.