Free Stock Photography - JPG + RAW Files

Free with RAW files?

We are excited to now how free stock photography available for download. On our new page Free Stock we are now starting to offer some amazing free products. What makes what we are different from others is we want to provide content to the designers in our community, so not only are we providing you with high quality JPG's in our color grading style but we are also giving you the RAW files to work with! Giving our designers the RAW files means they can color correct and make every pixel look great, to their own needs. This collection of 50 photos were taken with the Lumix GH4 and the Phantom 3 Professional in .RW2 and .DNS formats. 

We would love if you use them for your projects to send us some screen captures or samples, as well we would really appreciate if you shared this resource as much as you can on your social media platforms, groups, or networks. We would truly appreciate that!

Over the next couple months and onward you are going to start seeing a lot of free resources being offered at VMC, as well as some top notch training resources not currently available anywhere, so stay tuned!