We are launching today 60 Frames Per Second Church Motions

We are excited to be launching today something brand new to the world of graphics for church motions. We are launching 60 FPS (frames per second) files, which give you the user more control and creativity than ever before! What does this mean to you? For those who are experienced church directors or pro presenter users know the frustration of having a background that looks right but just doesn't quite match, the speed and timing don't make sense for the tempo of the band. 60 FPS now gives you the ability to use your presentation software to slow the files speed down to 40% without having the video be jittery or jumpy but rather perfectly timed to that musics tempo.

We hope this advancement in church graphics and video is something that you love and we know its soon to be common place, but for now Visual Media Church is the only place where you can get 60FPS content!