Where I find Inspiration: Top 3

As I begin to plan out new filming projects for backgrounds I often need a boost of inspiration to get me excited. Inspiration can come from anywhere but I have a few go to sources for visual inspiration, sites/feeds that show the amazing beauty of what God has created for us. Inspiration for our church worship video and motion graphics will often come from inspiration found here...

1. Camp 4 Collective - Instagram or Website

I love everything that these guys do, whether it is an action sports film or creative doc these guys have visual eye for the outdoors like no one else. They really know how to show the depth of colors in nature and they are willing to go to the most far flung places to find something that no one has seen before.

2. Visuals of Life - Instagram

This Instagram account is a repost account but I love the eye for great photography.

3. National Geographic - Instagram

National Geographic has been doing it longer than anyone else. I have read the magazine since I was a child and was always inspired by the stories of far off places that I only dreamed I could visit one day.

James Adams