The fonts we love and use.

Over the past few weeks we have received a number of emails and comments on our Instagram, Facebook page, and through our contact form asking us about what fonts we are using on different materials and packs. Here is a quick post about the fonts we use and where you can get them.

1. Gotham

I first came to use gotham while working for a professional hockey team a number of years ago, they were using Gotham as their standard marketing font for all communications. Several years later while volunteering for my local church I discovered that they had just switched to using Gotham for all of their materials as well as for worship lyrics. Gotham is a great standard font start the designing process from, not too bold, not too wild.

Gotham Font can be found here: Gotham

Price: $150-$300 US

It is not a cheap font, but worth the price if you plan on using it for multiple projects (worship, graphics, print design, video)

2. Have Heart

Have Heart is a great script font that I find myself using for a lot of different projects. The script is bold enough making it is easy to read and it has enough artistic flare to get the look that I want, and the price is great!

Have Heart can be found here: Have Heart

Price: $16 US

3. Faith and Glory

Faith and Glory is made by the same artist who makes Have Heart, this font however has a bit more curves, is not as bold, but can be great for certain projects. We use this font for our logo.

Faith and Glory can be found here: Faith and Glory

Price: $16 US