Why Create this Site?

Who I am

I will start by saying I am a full-time creative professional who has worked for major companies and most recently for myself full-time, I have been doing video and graphics work for the church for a number of years now.

What I see

I have noticed that as a church grows its media needs tend to grow to a point that that its staff cannot keep up with the growth. The church begins to embrace new media as an art form and they begin to make Intro Videos, News Videos,  Event Videos, Promotional Videos, Worship backgrounds, etc. The desire to create an engaged community is an amazing thing, but often the need and desire goes far beyond the abilities of the people within the church. The common thread is that this responsibility falls onto the shoulders of either volunteers, full time staff, or contractors. The volunteers tend to do their best with what they have, but with limited resources and inexperience the end result is not very good or if it is good it is not sustainable on a volunteer basis. For most church's the idea of a full time video or graphics person is financially out of reach, and if they do have a full-time or part-time person they often will do one thing well and make it by in other areas. Lastly are the church's who hire contractors to do the work, this is something that I have seen first hand at my church, a contractor who does great work but wants to charge the church what they would a large corporation, invoices that can be $5000+ for one video. Paying prices like that for one video for a church is just not sustainable.


My heart for this site is to create videos, graphics, and motion graphics that have the quality of a $5000+ video budget but can be accessed by even the smallest of communities. This site is meant to be a hub and a library of affordable resources that are tailored to the media and branding needs of the church throughout the world.

As this site grows so will its abilities to meet the media needs of the church's it serves, VMC will adapt and create content based on the needs of the community.