Working in some crowded spaces for the next Pack

Here are a couple pics from the filming of next months pack. We did a day trip to Niagara Falls to capture some of the beauty of the falls as well as the class 6 rapids below. Spent the day shooting some amazing 4k slow motion shots that we can't wait to share with you in a week....Stay toned for more.

Stock Video for Premium Members

Have you had a chance to try out our new stock video library?

We started out with the simple goal of providing high quality, premium media for churches and with stock video we are adding another huge resource for members. With our stock video library you can use the resources to create your intro videos, promotions, music videos, lyric videos, or just simply use a few shots to help fill out your next missions video. We are going to be adding 10 packs a month so check out the library often to see whats new and enjoy this amazing new content!

VMC at Bayside Church

Its great to see VMC content around the world and this week we stumbled upon some of our content on Bayside Church's youtube page. They have some amazing videos on their Youtube page and worth checking out. They are one of the fastest growing churches in North America so if you have't heard of them yet you soon will. Check out the video below which has a lot of different VMC packs in it, from what we can see Geoscapes, Peaks, and Remix.

Uploaded by Rob T on 2017-04-16.