If you're doing a video for a church you often need a voiceover but it can be tough to get one done. So how do I do it? Well, I've learned along the way, we used to do it with people in our own church community, we'd hear someone with an interesting voice so we'd get them to come in and record a voiceover. However, then we learn quickly they're not very good actors. It's actually a type of acting to do a voiceover, and then we learn quickly that on our end we weren't very good at capturing the audio. We maybe didn't have the right equipment or we had fans going off in the background or different kinds of things making it not sound professional. It was really taxing to get the right voiceover.

Here's what I do now instead, I go online. There are lots of sites you can do this with. I personally use a site called Fiverr but there are tons of other sites like it and you go on there and you can find people who do voiceovers.

These are people who are professional voiceover people that have all the audio equipment so you don't need to have to worry about it. I mean they have tons of experience so you know they are going to deliver what they say and you can read other people's reviews and ratings, you can also listen to audio clips to find which one you like. And for as little as $10-$30 you can get an amazing professional voiceover for your video done online from someone all around the world. You can get a diversity of voices and accents and ages you can find just the right voice over. This saves you from wasting hours of your time trying to record it yourself in your church with a microphone and somebody who's really not that experienced.

So I hope that helps you today get your voice overs online. Do you have any great resources you use for voiceovers? Maybe the kind of microphone you use or where you get voiceovers online. Let me know in the comments.