Negative Reviews


Check this out! Negative google reviews, have there been negative reviews of your church online? Or maybe you're worried that they're going to come in the future. It has happened to me, it has happened to my church. It happens to most businesses actually. If you want a good laugh and you're hanging around with your friends pull up any local small business and go to the one star reviews and read some of things that people are saying. Some of it might be true, but some of it is also just really funny and it's good to be entertained and have a bit of a sense of humor about it.

So here's what you can do about negative reviews of your church. Here's what I've done with it.

Number one, if they're right, if the critique is true it's an opportunity for you to change. So we don't want to say that all negative reviews are bad, actually critique helps us grow and change and improve what we do as a church. So don't just look at it as negative number two.

Number two, we can report violations to Google, of course we can't actually remove the post but if they're violating Google's code of conduct, if they're inflammatory, if they're really slanderous of someone you can report it to Google. If there's anything in the Google Review that actually begins to be a pattern or you think that somebody is genuinely unstable or perhaps a danger to you or one of your leaders I encourage you to just reported to the police. Don't call 911 call your local police station and file a report so that they can track this. This is what they are experts at. It's not our job to do that but if we're dealing with people who might potentially be dangerous we do want to report it to the police.

Number three, we want you to reach out privately. Take the opportunity to send them an e-mail or a note a phone call, whatever is most appropriate to just reach out and hear about their experience and have more of a personal connection.

Number four, as I already said you got to have a sense of humor. I mean some of these negative reviews are so funny like someone saying you went for a medium roast to dark roast coffee and they hated it. Well I mean that's just funny. It's not that serious. It doesn't really matter. You got to laugh about this stuff sometimes.

The Fifth thing is finally I want you to encourage people to leave positive reviews. You have volunteers in teams in your church. People who go to your church, who've been impacted by your church and they maybe don't even know that they could leave a positive 5 star review. So whether you post that as an encouragement publicly on Facebook or Twitter or something or you send an e-mail to some people in your church who you think are really engaged or committed. Give them a link in the e-mail and they can click right there and leave you a positive review. And pretty soon the positive reviews are way good outweigh the negative and it will be a nice balance reflection of all that you do as a church. So we encourage both negative and positive reviews both can help you get better as a church.

Now what about you have you received negative reviews. I'd love to hear how you've handled them. You can leave a comment below.