My Journey to Church Communications


I'm realizing that maybe you would like to know more of my own story. How did I get to where I'm at today? Well let me tell you a little bit. When I was a 15 and 16-year old I began serving doing church communications for my church, for my youth group actually. It was a youth group of like 300 students at the time. So every week we would get on the phones and call every single student to invite them into our youth services. We would send e-mails, and we did news videos, and we did all kinds of stuff. It was sort of the introduction for me to all things church communications back in the early 2000s. I then went into communications studies in university, and coming out of that I was going more into a marketing PR direction. I was working actually in a high tech company and here's what happened one day.

I was working at my desk at this high tech company and the main product we sold was technology, so what it looked like was just a big metal black box all kinds of technology inside. The product looked like a huge computer CPU. So the graphic designer pulls me over his desk one day and he's got our main product on a screen, this big black box. He's trying different effects in photoshop and playing around with it and he's like 'hey Jo and how do you like this? What about this?' He says 'what can I do to make this look sexy?' That's when I realized, actually, that's when I really think that the Lord spoke to me. He said what are you doing? You don't really care about the big black box. You know that I'm calling you and you're kind of running away right now from using your skills in communications for the church. So very soon after that, I was invited by a pastor in the church that I was was going to, to come on staff. I started in a part-time position doing stuff for young adults and I was involved in a lot of promotional things back then. I ended serving there for about eight years.

In the beginning, for me, communications was just a side project, that I took on with a friend of mine because we were passionate about it and we had some skills. Then from there, it became actually my full-time focus at the church. Now from there, it's actually developed into a whole department of staff and contractors that do communications at our church. The reason that we've grown and developed in this way is for two reasons, one the church has grown, and so I think actually church communications has been a part of the growth of our church. There's lots of other reasons the church has grown and thanks be to God that he has decided to do that amongst us.

Communications has enabled people to understand what's going on and invite their friends into it. The second reason why our church communications department has grown and developed over time is we showed the value of communications. Wem showed what it could really do to help our church and we built trust with the leadership. So I would encourage you. I don't know where you're at today. I don't know how big your church is. I don't know if you're paid to do communications or it's just a side thing in your job or just something you're interested in and passionate about.
Just start where you use what you have the tools you have the no budget you have you can do something today with what you have and more than that I want you to build trust as you show the value of communications to your leadership. We're going to trust you more and maybe give more budget dollars towards communications projects in the future.

So be encouraged today as a communicator no matter where you are from a small church to big church from paid job to volunteer from lots of skills to you're just starting out. There is a place for you to grow and there's value in what you're doing for the local church.

I would love to hear some of your stories. That's a little bit about me but what about you. What are you doing in church communications? Where did you get started? Do you feel like you don't know what you're doing or you feel like you've really got a handle on this? You've been doing it for a long time. Just leave a comment below.