Favourite Fonts




Montserrat is really a great all around font, both for worship and for design. Montserrat Black is the perfect for your worship projection screens, it is a low distraction and easy to read font that has just a touch of flare as to not be boring. It is also great for design as a base font for all the reason listed above. Have you checked out Montserrat?

Montserrate Example VMC 1.png
Montserrate Example VMC 2.png


Metropolis is great font for those looking for something similar to Proxima Nova but free. The purpose of Metropolis was to 'create a modern, geometric typeface. Open sourced, and openly available. Influenced by other popular geometric, minimalist sans-serif typefaces of the new millenium. Designed for optimal readability at small point sizes while beautiful at large point sizes.'

Metropolis Example VMC 1.png


We here at VMC love using this font for title graphics in our design. We love the bold aspect of the font, as well the condensed aspect of the font makes it ideal to fit long titles with very little screen 'real-estate' while still being readable.