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Why Cost Should Always Matter

Here at Visual Media Church, one of the mandates we believe in is, “Church first, business second.” As part of the Church, we’re not focused on profiting from it but in fact, we prioritize the stewardship of funds, which is why we intentionally follow a seemingly ‘backwards’ model of offering a premium product at a low cost.

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Entering the New Ministry Year

Following the Gregorian calendar, many churches within the western hemisphere of the Church operate according to a ministry year that ends near or within Summer and begins anew in September. This ministry year reflects that of an annual school calendar, in which sermon series’, vacations, and events often fall around the same time of year, some for more obvious reasons that others (Happy birthday, Jesus!).

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Are You Asking Permission and If So, Whose?

One of society’s most widely perceived ‘liberties’ has to do with coming of age and permission. As we age, we are often granted more trust and responsibility, even enough to make our own decisions. Though, walking with Jesus shows us that maturity is not necessarily synonymous with the idea of no longer having to ask the permission of those above us.

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The Church And The Enneagram

If you’ve hung out around the Church in the past year or so or if you’re a Christian Instagram user, you’ve probably heard of the Enneagram by now. For those of us who haven’t yet, the Enneagram is a personality type theory that argues nine different personality types exist in the world.

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Reconsidering the Power of Print

Many conversations circle around the existence of print media and its culture today. It comes as no surprise with technological capability at the height that it is, having access to the same information we gather from published print, though at the tips of our fingers and the immediacy of our desire, that we find ourselves shifting from what feels dated to reliance on the digital.

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