What to Pack When Travelling For a Communications Job


If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re a Church creative or communicator of some sort. Perhaps you’re a cinematographer, a video editor, a photographer, a writer, a worship leader, a speaker, a preacher, a consultant, a production technician, or a social media co-ordinator—whatever it is that you do, we’re glad you serve in this industry and have come to this page. If you fill one of these roles, it’s likely that you have had or will have an opportunity to travel somewhere whether it’s to another church, to a different venue, or even another ministry location to serve from, to walk out your role. One of the many important things about travelling (let alone travelling to do ministry) is ensuring that you have everything you need. It can be challenging to pick up your equipment and feel prepared in a place that isn’t your norm, especially when doing something that requires specific gear or comes with moving large items so here we’ve created a multipurpose checklist of the items to pack when travelling for a communications, production, or worship opportunity.

  • Bible

  • Personal technology such as cell phones, tablet, computer, and chargers

  • Notebook and pens

  • Contact information of where you’re travelling to

  • Cases or storage equipped to protect your gear

  • Camera

  • Memory cards

  • Memory card reader

  • Tripod

  • Flash

  • External lights

  • Camera microphones

  • Batteries

  • Lenses

  • (Spare) lens caps if possible

  • Gimbal

  • Wi-fi password and connectivity

  • Updated apps and operating systems on your devices

  • Available storage on your devices

  • Additional black clothing

  • Passport (if travelling beyond borders)

  • Business cards/print media, social media to provide people to follow up with

  • Musical instruments

  • In-ears

  • Microphone and mic stands (dependent on venue)

  • Power cords, extension cords, power bars

  • Notes you may have have drafted

  • Merchandise

  • Credentials or something to validate your identity and permission granted to occupy your role at the event 

  • Props

  • Bag weigh scale

  • Weather proofing materials 

  • Ear plugs

Independent of what role you fill and what area of ministry you’re working in, this checklist is designed to cater to your ministry and remind you of all the things that we typically fail to remember when travelling. May this checklist be of utmost use to you and your peers.

Jessica CluettComment