Website Design - The Church Co


Our friends over at The Church Co are doing some really cool things lately. Let us start by just saying that this isn’t sponsored post. We really believe that there are a lot of confusing and mixed messages around pricing on building websites these days. The world of website design has undergone some major shifts in the past decade, really probably just the past 5 years. Websites used to be really expensive and labor intensive, what used to cost a church $20,000 now only costs $1000. So what you see even now with the idea of paying a monthly fee for websites is there are still some older companies (not older as in age, but old in thinking) still trying to charge more than the rest of the market. You will see companies that are still charging churches too much per month for websites that they could probably make with Squarespace for $25-$50 a month.

So here is what we like about The Church Co right now. Not only are their prices crazy good, but they also do the design work along with that price. The team at VMC love Squarespace, we have been using it for years now, but for church website design on Squarespace you still need to hire designer who knows what they are doing. The Church Co is making great websites at a price point that every church should be considering them for their next website update. So what caught our eye this week is this new tool from The Church Co that helps better connect people into small groups.

“Small Groups is a super flexible tool for categorizing home groups. They can be plotted on a map so that people can find groups near them. You can filter them by ministry, location, and time. So if you want to find a young adult's group that meets on Tuesday nights once a month, you can set those filters and the list will only display those. People tend to connect to churches outside of Sundays and this tool aims to make that easier for people.”

Paul Cox / The Church Co