We Started a Podcast! A Daily Podcast :)

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We are excited to finally let the cat out of the bag…. We started a podcast. “Oh boy” you say, “another podcast?”. Yes, yes, we know there are a lot of podcast these days, and why shouldn’t there be, they are an exciting and growing media and communications platform. We don’t know about you, but around the VMC offices we probably listen to about two to three hours of podcasts a day. It is something you can listen to on your way to work, at your desk while working, while you are out for a walk, or even as you cook dinner. Something that we also noticed was that there was a lack of Christian podcasts talking about communications and media, more importantly from people who actually work for a church. There are lots of product focused podcast, just there to sell you on a website or something, and sure there are some great leadership podcasts, but not much quality when it comes to media, production, or communications.

So here is what we have been working on. The Future Church.

Get ready for your daily discussion on all things church communications, social media, and marketing from people who work for churches just like you do. Joanna la Fleur and James Adams are here to guide you through the complex world of digital media, church marketing, and communications through the lens of a church communicator, bringing you unique insights, strategies, and perspectives to help you in your communications journey.

The Future Church


So here is what is not. Yes James Adams, president of VMC and Stokhub is one of the two hosts, but what he is not going to do is make the podcast an advertising platform. Quite frankly that is the problem with a lot of podcasts, they only exist to sell something and find it hard to be impartial or give an honest opinion of the things they are talking about. What makes James different is that he has a heart for the church, still works for his local church doing video, and is always repeating the VMC mission statement, “Church before Business, always”.


Joanna la Fleur is an accomplished church communications director for a multi-site church outside of Toronto Ontario, she has her own podcast, The World Made Digital, has her own website, oh… and she has her own television show. Joanna not only brings 10+ years of experience to the conversation but also a female perspective that is so often overlooked in the church world. Joanna has uniques insight into the church world because she lives it every single day.

We value your time, so give us a listen on Apple or Spotify, let us know some topics you want to hear, or even just give some feedback. If you like the Podcast make sure hit subscribe and leave us a review, thank you!


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