Why Worship Leaders Love VMC


Here at Visual Media Church, a large population of the people we get to work with include the worship leaders of churches that use our visuals. In many respects, our team at Visual Media Church and these worship leaders work together, as the latter lead their congregations in worship through the intersection of visuals, vocals, and instrumentals. As our co-laborers, it’s important to us that worship leaders are comfortable working alongside us since we contribute to how they lead during services. Having said that, we love the way worship leaders serve us. Let’s check out some reasons why worship leaders love VMC, below!


Worship leaders love VMC because, likewise, worship leaders are artists. As artists, they seek to cultivate beauty and meaningful experiences. In tandem with this, we assist the way these artists lead people into a time of worship and encounter with our God.

Worship leaders love VMC because they, too, recognize that encountering God through worship is not only about the songs being sung; it is also about the physical atmosphere within which God is being worshipped, maintaining awareness of and responding to prompting by the Holy Spirit, and yes, visuals.


Worship leaders love VMC because we steward our time to create visuals that intentionally correspond with worship songs. We thoughtfully consider the power, emotions, and gravity, as well as the composition of worship songs to create visuals that fit them.


Worship leaders love VMC because rather than focusing solely on particle sims, lines and dots, or referring to the production of worship from a purely mechanical point of view, we create visuals that pair with the vocabulary of worship leaders. As they lead the congregation, worship leaders often refer to majesty, oceans, mountains, rivers, streams, space, and the stars in the sky. Seeing God’s beauty all around them, they take people’s eyes off of man-made creation and guide them towards God’s creation. Our visuals not only contain these subject matter, but aim to emphasize the majesty of these moments where God is being glorified.


Worship leaders love VMC because as artists, they appreciate unique art that they know requires effort to create. Typically in the realm of production, people make particle sims because it’s easy and quick to do so. It doesn’t require much to sit in an office somewhere and build worship visuals whereas, it’s hard to go out and find what God has already created for us and is revealing to us in His Creation, and then bring that into our worship services. At VMC, we do the hard work. We take our team and our gear across the world, and climb mountains in the middle of the night to not only meet with God but to create using His creative nature He’s provided us with. During worship, our eyes are not on us but on God, so why not use all that He’s given us to glorify Him through all mediums?


Finally, worship leaders love VMC because our cinematic visuals are original and at the end of the day, they aesthetically enhance worship services. In addition to this, we prioritize offering high production value at a low production value cost—a feature that we have the opportunity to offer and makes us distinct in doing so.