VMC Launches 8 New Worship Packs

We are excited today to launch 8 new worship packs. As 2019 begins we wanted to make sure we start bringing you more content than anywhere else. We know that you are going to love this collection of new content because it has a little bit for every taste. There is our classic and well known style of cinematic worship loops in Moher and Arctic Coast, some city and urban content in our City Rain, City Lights 2, and City Lights 3 packs, but we also have some fresh motion graphics and remix packs designed for a more up tempo style in our City Rain Remix, Arctic Coast Remix, and Narvik Remix packs. Check out these fresh designs for your church worship service and let us know what you think. Also stay tuned for an email from us later today that will have a little Easter Egg inside for those who read through ;).