Phone Photography at your Church


Over time phone camera's have been getting better and better at taking photos so how can we get the best photos out of our phones. Well here's a few tips for me.

Number one, lighting, you want to think about lighting your subject in the best way to get great lighting is to be outside. But if you don't have the opportunity be outside for whatever you're taking photos or maybe you can get some natural light coming in from windows or maybe you can bring in an extra light to bring in some more brightness to the shop.

The second thing to focus on today is lenses. iPhones or smartphones have amazing lenses these days but they can always get better if you add an additional lens. So here's my own phone and here's what I do. I attach a lens to the phone. You can buy cheap lenses on Amazon and find some for even twenty-five dollars or there are more expensive lenses. The ones that I'm using now are called Moment lenses but there are some other companies that do it and you can check out reviews online. I went on YouTube and did some research and that's why I decided to go with moment lenses, but there are other companies that do it too. What a lens like this does is it widens the shot. It gives you a better field of view. Maybe you want to take a picture of the entire sanctuary of your church at once. It's hard to do that with just an iPhone but if you can add some lenses to it you can get a more professional looking photo. 

Finally, I just want you to practice, practice, practice. The great thing about digital photography is you're not paying for each photo that you're shooting and developing. So just take tons of photos to learn along the way and eventually, you're going to get better and better at taking photos with your camera that is going to be beautiful telling the story of your church. 

So what about you? There are tons of things that I didn't mention how to take better photos on your phone. I'd love to hear more ideas of how to get great shots in the comments below.