How to Communicate Ways to Give


Check this out. Your church, it runs on the giving and generosity of people. So how can we be better at communicating ways to give at our church? There's probably a ton of ways that your church. So here's the three steps that I want you to go through.

Number one take an inventory. What are all the ways that you can give at your church. I bet you'd be surprised if you wrote all of them down, envelopes, checks, cash, debit, credit, online, apps and text to give in. You'll be surprised by how many there are. So take an inventory of all the ways to give and if they are working and how are they doing. Maybe you need to add something maybe you need to take something away.

Number two I want you to visualize it. Find like things the different ways to give that are similar and grouped them together, get little icons for them, maybe it's an envelope. Maybe it's a little credit card, maybe it's a debit or a cell phone. Visualizing it it helps people quickly remember the ways they can give.

Finally number three, create a common script. We want everybody who's communicating about giving in your church to talk about it the same way. They need to know in a quick reference all the ways with all those icons of the ways to give, and you want to throw it up behind them on the screens. You want to printed on your envelopes. You want to put on a poster beside the giving stations.

However it is that people giving your church, you want it to look the same as the people who are communicating your church are saying it. Pastors, worship leaders, hosts or whoever you want, you want them to all talk about it in the same way. Why? The clearer our communications is about giving the more people will give and the they will give more if they are already giving. Why does that matter? The more people give, the more the ministry can do for the kingdom of God.

How do you do giving at your church? I'd love to hear how other churches do it all over the place. Just leave a comment below.

Joanna la Fleur