Review: Magicue Teleprompter


Let's start by saying that this teleprompter exceeded my expectations. Every teleprompter I viewed online had some strong negative reviews, even the Magicue had a review entitled 'Don't waste your time'. However, the first thing I noticed is that it is well designed, well built, sturdy, and has ways to customize the viewing experience. The unit allows for short or long lenses, and although it is was designed for DSLR's can easily fit a larger body camera like our BMD Ursa Mini 4K.

The only real drawback, which isn't really a drawback is the case size. The case is well built, strong and sturdy, not pelican case sturdy but good enough, but it's just too big. Not really sure why the case is so large, its length, width, and height are all much more than needed but if that's the worst thing about this teleprompter than so be it.

The Magicue also doesn't come with any instructions so be prepared to jump onto YouTube or use the images we have posted to figure out where everything goes. In the end it really wasn't that complicated, it took us under 5 minutes to set it up. 

The app that you can download from the app store (need a serial number to activate) is simple but has enough options to make your setup quick and easy. We simply downloaded a google doc script and the app imported it with ease and all you really have to do is hit play. After that, you will just need to flip the projection within the app to mirror (you are projecting onto glass so the image needs to be reversed on the iPad) and figure your desired reading speed.

This teleprompter can really help your communications/video create videos better and faster. This teleprompter could be used to film new videos, making sure that they are accurate and that the speaker doesn't look off camera. These can also be used for creative videos, often I have looked for voice over artists when the ministry person has trouble on camera, but with a teleprompter, it can help make anyone nervous on camera look great by taking the thinking about what to say away and allowing them to just read on camera. Check out this missions video we just made at our church. 

All Bangladesh clips are from the Stokhub and VMC Stock Library

We really loved this teleprompter and at a price of $399 USD, it should be affordable for most video or communications budgets. Check out the Magicue on B&H