Spotlight: Tommy Cash


Tell us about yourself:

I live in the Greater Houston Area. I am married to Ashlee. We have 2 dachshunds pups named Johnnee and Bentlee. I am on staff at Citymark Church. My wife and I both serve on the production team there. I have always lived in the Houston area. I grew up with both of my parents serving on the worship team. Music is in our blood. Mrs. Tatum was our Sunday school teacher and she led me to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior and then I was baptized at the age of 21.

Tell us about your church/company:

Our church is 6 years old. I was let of the launch team volunteering as a drummer on the worship team. We have seen over 1000 people in attendance over the last few weeks and we are now launching a $12,000,000 building campaign April 15th.

What is your role/position at your church?:

I am the creative arts pastor. I oversee all of our worship experiences, visual creation, branding, and building aesthetics.

What do you love most about your role?:

I love seeing growth... whether it is numerical growth, spiritual growth, physical growth... I love seeing a project started as some chicken scratch notes on a piece of paper and then grow into this stellar Christmas production. I love seeing people raise their hands for salvation week after week! Growth in all areas is super important to me and keeps me motivated.

How did you end up in the role you have now?: I was a volunteer for a really long time... and then our pastor asked me if I knew how to do something, I said yes even if I didn’t. It forced me to learn A LOT! And eventually, he offered me the role.

Ok...How did you hear about VMC?:

Google... “worship backgrounds that don’t suck”... results: VMC
Maybe not those words exactly but pretty close. I was so frustrated with worship backgrounds and how cheesy they were.

How often do you use VMC, and what do you love about what we do?:

I use VMC every week for every song!!! We love customizing it to our own needs. We have created tons of custom worship experience by having great backgrounds to work with. I love real life beauty. God created a beautiful backdrop in 7 days, we should find ways to use it to enhance Worship and VMC does that.

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