Spotlight: Cody Patterson


Tell us about yourself

I currently live in Princeton Illinois and Killeen Texas depending on the project. My wife and I have been married since September 10th, 2017 and funny story, 4 days after we got married we both had our tonsils removed! I grew up in Cleveland Ohio and am still there often doing photoshoots for clients. I love wood working, photography, and finding the best bbq restaurants. When I was 5 years old I asked Christ to come intro my life and take over. It wasn't until I was in Junior High that I fully started understanding what it actually meant to have a real relationship with Christ. I do my best to surrender each day but in my human flesh it can be a struggle! I've been leading worship since I was in Junior High as well. In 2013 I moved to Texas to work at a church where I had my first full time staffing experience. After being there 2 years in the Summer of 2015 I walked in on my roommate cleaning some of the guns he owned. He was joking around and thought he didn't have a round in the chamber and one of the guns went off. I was accidentally shot in the chest and rushed to the hospital. While there is a lot more to this story, I will say over time God healed me but I did struggle through process not knowing what His plan was for me. After being healed and renewed from this experience God gave me a renewed passion to serve Him and help other's experience who He is.

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Tell us about your Church + Personal Projects

My personal business, Patterson Creative is setup to provide churches and people with solutions to their artistic needs. In this I do photography, videography, graphic & web design. Paradigm Church where I serve in Texas is a non-denomination life-giving church in the greater Killeen/Ft. Hood area. Our church is focused on helping people create paradigm shifts in the culture of the community around them.

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What is your role/position at your church/company?

I'm the Operations Director at Paradigm Church. My position is to oversee staffing, volunteers, and personnel of any sort. I also make sure our services are planned and coordinated well. The biggest area I watch over is the creative and worship arts. While I don't fill every position or every task I get to help others accomplish tasks and seek goals together for one purpose, to help people experience Jesus through our church.


What do you love most about your role?

When I was growing up my parents would take me to "big church" or the adult service, because I loved seeing the band. I loved hearing the music and seeing people use their passion. As I continued to grow up I started learning how all the technology ran, saw how the church worked on the business side, and had the chance to lead worship and be part of the music team. As my desire to see how all things "church" came together so did my love for ministry. I started full time as a worship leader, and have since transitioned through a few different roles and gained experience in different facets of church ministry. In all these different areas my passion has been to see people experience Jesus. I'm thankful that I have the freedom to do that in basically anyway that will benefit my local church and community. As I continue to grow I'm very appreciative of the experiences God has given me and and role I have within His church.


How did you end up in the role you have now?

I'm doing what I'm doing now because of the different experiences I've gone through in life. God has brought me through many high points, and some low, that have brought me to this point. I never went to school for ministry, or arts, or leadership. Instead I went straight from High School into full time ministry. I learned a lot by jumping in head first and growing with like minded people. The internet age has made it easier to learn and continue growing in my passions and I'm glad to have had awesome mentors in my life who've encouraged me in my biggest struggles.


Ok...How did you hear about VMC?

For a long time I was looking for something different for my church. I was tired of the same old digital 2000's motions backgrounds that a majority of motion graphics businesses were providing. I started asking around in facebook groups and looking online and the only provider that I could find from a more creation oriented perspective was VMC. The drone work, amazing camera work, and customer service are what drove me to VMC and to keep recommending VMC to churches. Honestly nothing compares in my mind.


How often do you use VMC, and what do you love about what we do?

I love that VMC creates fresh and new content every month One month you'll say to yourself, "wow I don't think a camera can capture better footage than that", and the next month you'll again be blown away by the quality of content being put out. I'm thankful that the churches I've been able to switch to VMC have gotten onboard with the pro membership. It has given me the ability to provide them with custom bumpers for series, social content, and all of the motion visuals that VMC has put out since it started. We use Visual Media Church motion backgrounds for worship, during countdowns, and other transitional elements during service. On top of the great content that VMC creates, their customer service is rivaled by none. For a long time I had difficulties with other motion companies that were stuck in their own ways. VMC has consistently sought input on what they should do and create to continually give their users and the churches that use their content the best experience. It's easy to get stagnant, but I appreciate that VMC is continuously innovating and creating new and fresh content.

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