Norway - Day 4

The 4th day in Norway was a windy one. With massive storms scheduled to roll through in the afternoon and throughout the evening I went out to capture as much as I could. While the pictures are beautiful, I can assure you the weather was not. Despite the lousy weather, I was able to go out and enjoy the day capture some fantastic content. The great thing about weather come in off the ocean is you tend to get large waves. My goal was to get as many aerials of them as possible but with high winds the drones, both the Mavic 2 zoom and the inspire 2 struggled to keep locked into a stable position for filming. They were able to fight the wind, but there was ample amount of ‘wobble’ on the footage as the drone struggled to keep its GPS coordinates.

The day started with a journey to the town of Henningsvær, a beautiful fishing village nestled in rows of streets on small islands at the end of a large mountain that juts out into the Norwegian Sea. Despite the wind and the rain, this little village is one that I highly recommend you visit if you are ever in Lofoten. It is a cozy small town with narrow streets and a few shops at the center. I was able to get some great vista shots of the surrounding peaks from the inland harbor facing north. Another genuinely amazing site in this little town is their soccer or ‘football’ field. While the field itself is not anything, you are going to see a VMC pack it is indeed a fantastic site to see for anyone who loves sports. The field is built right down into the rock and is surrounded almost 360 degrees by the ocean.

As I journey in the afternoon further south along the highway, retracing my steps from yesterday but looking to go down some back roads the weather began to close in. The winds picked up to 60-90 MPH or 100-150KM winds, gale force, and most of the day was a loss. With that kind of wind, even a mini cine tripod tends to wobble in the power of the wind. That is the nature of doing this kind of work, you can have the best of plans, but at the end of the day, you can do as much as the weather allows you too.