Norway - Day 1

At VMC, we get a lot of questions relating to our packs. By far, the most common questions always circle around the “how and where” we get our amazing footage. So we decided to bring you along during one our filming trips by posting a blog post each day while out on the road, giving you a behind-the-scene look at how we create our amazing backgrounds and stock video content. Throughout this week we hope to share the ups and downs of filming on the road, and demonstrate a little bit of what it takes to bring you the best worship packs available. This week you will be following along with us in epic Norway.

Norway Flight.png

When we begin planning a trip, the first step is always research, research, research. I can't tell you exactly how many hours of online exploring we do before confirming a trip, but if I had to guess it would be about 20-30 hours. Before we get into how we do our analysis, it is important to know the three most important criteria we use to rate whether a location has enough merit to make the whole endeavour worthwhile.

    1.    Look Variety - While there are many beautiful locations around that world that can be filmed, it is essential when in investing time and money into a filming trip be able to capture large amounts of different content. We never chose a location because it has one great site to see, but instead, it needs to have multiple types of sites and elements that stand out. This means we can get the most out of the trip because we’re going to be guaranteed that something will definitely turn out. When travelling for just one specific destination you can often be disappointed as a result of poor weather or that specific location to be less-than-great. The majority of trips we have planned often end up not using all the sites we originally planned for. On average, we get to about 60-70% of the locations that were originally planned. 

    2.    Accessibility - Taking into consideration what sort of access there will be to particular locations and what distance needs to be traveled (whether by car or hike) between each spot affects the level of suitability. To make a country great to work in means that we need to be able to film many locations in a day and be able to get to and from spots quickly. As an example, one place I would love to film would be in the high Himalayas. Somewhere around Mount Everest would be absolutely amazing - what could be better than the tallest mountain in the world? The problem is: not only does it take many flights, but it also takes a lot of serious hiking (totaling three to five days each way) just to get to the spot. While the final product would be amazing, the time it would take makes the result seem less advantageous. Furthermore, when planning to tour a country, or portion of a country, making sure there are stops every few hours where filming could happen makes a trip worthwhile. This is especially important when weather is a massive factor regarding whether or not you can film. There’s peace of mind knowing that if one day results in poor filming conditions, there’s always the locations lined up down the road or the next day. 

    3.    Cost - No one is surprised to know that it costs a lot of money to travel. When VMC started a few years ago, it had a shoestring budget. We’re talking a budget that did not include hotels, loads of travel locations in the first year and access to epic scenes. To make ends meet, the first VMC film trip involved a tent and sleeping in the back of the rented SUV when the temperature dropped below freezing. Iceland in May is not exactly tenting weather but VMC was never about extravagant travel and touring, it was about going where nobody else had and capturing the less known areas of God’s creation. The goal all along has been to grab hold of the beauty that would remind us of who we are worshipping and serving. Keeping our travel costs low allow for us as a business to keep our cost to you, the customer, low. So when planning any VMC filming trip, we are always on the lookout for inexpensive flights, cheap rental car options, and in general, countries that are cheaper to travel in.

So for this trip, we are In Northern Norway. We are traveling from Tromso to Å (yes, that is the actual name of the town) filming with four cameras: the Red Raven, the GH5, the DJI Inspire 2, and the Mavic 2 Zoom. We are hopefully going to capture some fantastic mountains rising out of the fjords, beautiful coastal vistas with epic sunsets, the crisp Arctic Ocean and some incredible off-the-path cliff views.